At sea (for Pamela)

At sea (for Pamela), 2018

Acrylic On Canvas, 200 X 300 cm

Wynne Prize 2018 – Finalist Selection

Visit: AGNSW: Finalists Selection 2018


A painting shouldn’t need the artist’s statement to guide understanding. However, the background to this particular picture may be of interest…

Lee Marvin, the American screen actor, died suddenly in Tucson, Arizona, on 28 August 1987. Lee’s widow Pamela and her dear friend Margaret Throsby scattered roses and Lee’s ashes into the sea off Cairns. It was the place Lee loved to fish in Australia. Ashes and red roses into the Pacific had another resonance as Lee had been seriously wounded on Saipan as a marine during the Pacific campaign of World War II.

On 2 April this year, Pamela died. In memory of dear friends…

– Tim Storrier, 2018

Above Extract Sourced from: Art Gallery of New South Wales, Wynne Prize Finalists 2018 – Commentary on Work. 


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